Best Spa in Bali

Aromatherapy Massage

1.5 Hours – 500K

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with our Aromatherapy Massage. Allow the soothing scents of essential oils to calm your mind and the gentle touch of our skilled therapists to release tension from your body. Experience pure bliss and rejuvenation.


  • Facilities (Cold Plunge Pool, Hot Plunge Pool + Steam Sauna) – 30 Minutes
  • Aromatherapy Massage – 60 Minutes

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Amazing spa experience in Bali! They offer foam massage just like in Turkish hamam, which is one of my favorite treatments. There is also a nice steam room and hot and cold pools – that’s ...


The best place to unwind and rejuvenate in Ubud! Such a serene spot with amazing sauna and hot/cold plunge pools. A hidden gem!

Lydia Lee

One of the best spas in Bali! Really unique. Amazing treatments, beautiful environment and friendly staff who knows what they are doing! I’ll always come back!

Stella Nowak

I went there for Korean Scrub and Bubble Massage. Before the treatment we enjoyed the cold and hot plunge pool, and the steam sauna is huge. The place is in central ubud, but very quiet, it has ub...


Wow is right. The other reviews don’t begin to do it justice. This is THE BEST spa in Bali, and I have tried a lot. It’s off the beaten path but close to Jl. Raya Ubud (the Main Street...

Bert Crews